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What Is Bullying?

Adobe Acres Elementary School defines bullying as the following: Bullying is an unfair and one-sided act. It occurs when someone repeatedly frightens, threatens, hurts, or purposely leaves someone out.

Find more information in the Student Handbook.

Adobe Acres Bullying Policy

Adobe Acres Elementary School understands that a safe, respectful, and fear-free environment that prohibits bullying is necessary for students to learn. Prohibiting bullying helps students achieve high academic standards, and establish a positive learning environment. Bullying is strictly prohibited by all members of the school community, including students on the way to or from school, or at the school bus stop. Also, bullying will not be tolerated during school-related or sanctioned activities, and on school grounds, in school vehicles, or with the use of school technology. Those who bully and those who encourage bullying are subject to corrective action.

Staff At Adobe Acres Will Do The Following To Prevent Bullying And Help Children Feel Safe At School

  • Engage in training and practice of the Steps to Respect program.
  • Closely supervise students in all areas of the school and playground.
  • Respond quickly and sensitively to bullying reports.
  • Take parent/guardian concerns about bullying seriously.
  • Look into all reported bullying incidents.
  • Assign consequences for bullying based on the school discipline code.
  • Provide immediate consequences for retaliation against students who report bullying.

Procedures For Reporting An Incident Of Bullying Behavior

  • Parents are encouraged to report any incidents of bullying to the principal.
  • Students may bring the incident to the attention of a teacher, counselor, principal or any school personnel.

School Policy On Dealing With Incidents Of Bullying

  • Reported incidents are explored and documented. The student who is alleged to be bullying and the victim are interviewed separately.
  • The parents of all students involved are notified.
  • All incidents of bullying are viewed as serious offenses.
  • The victims can be referred to the school counselor for skills on how to deal with bullying behavior.
  • If disciplinary steps are warranted, the student who is bullying will be:
    1. Warned officially to stop offending.
    2. If they do not stop the behavior, they will be requested to remain at home for one day to reflect on their behavior.
    3. They will be referred to the School Counselor when they return to school to learn empathy and alternative ways of dealing with peers.
    4. If the behavior continues, they will be recommended for suspension for a period up to 3 days.
    5. If the behavior continues still, police will be involved.

Preventing Bullying

Students At Adobe Acres Will Do The Following Things To Prevent Bullying

  1. Treat each other with respect.
  2. Refuse to bully others or let others be bullied.
  3. Refuse to watch, laugh, or join in when someone is being bullied.
  4. Report bullying to an adult!

Parents / Guardians Of Adobe Acres Students Will Do The Following Things To Prevent Bullying

  1. Review the Self Management and Disciplinary System and the Anti-Bullying Policy with your student.
  2. Encourage your student to use words to solve problems.
  3. Encourage your student to not engage in bullying behaviors.
  4. Encourage your student to report incidents of bullying to self or to staff.


Adobe Acres Elementary will adhere to the consequences laid out in our Self Management and Disciplinary System as well as the Albuquerque Public School (APS) Behavior Handbook. For further details, please refer to the Adobe Acres Elementary Self Management System and the APS Behavior Handbook.